Debbie Alm

Sales Rep. for Long Island, NY

Phone: (860) 367-5621
Fax: (860) 468-6107

Inside Sales Rep is Miranda Basley

I live in Holbrook NY, born and raised. I was first introduced to plants by my father, Carl Alm, and spent my childhood vacations at the PANTS trade show in Hershey Park PA. I also worked with him at Hicks Nurseries as a child and value him and his horticultural education.

Then I started working for my brother, Dave Alm, who has been a big influence in my life and has taught me so much. In working with him, I have been actually working with Prides Corner Farms and the wonderful team they have for approx. 5 years now. I am very excited to be filling his shoes and look forward to working with you all face to face now. I am truly grateful for this opportunity that the Prides Corner Farms family has given me.

I enjoy living life to the fullest and also treat everyone as I wish to be treated! Life is too short..keep smiling and laughing!!!

My Favorite Plant:

Favorite Plant: Hydrangea's – love the wide variety of shapes, forms and colors.