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Marlene Perez
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Marlene Perez

Sales Representative

More About Marlene

Hey there! I was born and raised in California, about 2 years ago I moved to the state of Connecticut. In my spare time, I like to go outdoors and spend time with my family. I started working at Prides in 2020 in Lebanon wholesale yard as an order processor. After two years of working as an order processor, I decided to take my role as a sales rep. I like to study new things. Being knowledgeable about sales or any subject is an ongoing process, and I’m always proactive about seeking new opportunities to develop and grow in my role. Those opportunities could be in the form of training, communication, or taking on a new project, but the motivation is to increase my knowledge of the field. I’m super excited to continue working here and meet new people!

Marlene's Favorite Plant
I would say my favorite plant would be a buddleia common name butterfly bush. The reason why I like it is that it attracts all types of pollinators. One of those many pollinators I like to see is a butterfly.

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