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Prides Corner Farms

Wholesale Grower - Our Family is Your Family!

As Prides Corner enters its 5th decade and its third family generation, our goal of being the best resource for your independent family business remains our single focus. Industry-leading logistics, the best national brands, an incredibly diverse plant offering and a focused, driven team means our family can provide your family with the best tools to build your success.

Branded Programs

Prides Corner loves branded programs!  We currently grow over (20) branded program

  • Our brands allow us to bring you the best, most cutting edge new plant genetics.
  • Our brands provide you with outstanding marketing allowing for greater, higher margin sales to your customers.
  • Each brand has a unique, enticing story that helps educate your team and inspires them to sell more.
  • Each brand provides your customers with the tools to be successful.

Let our brands help you sell more!

Industry Leading Logistics

High quality plants and branded programs can only help you if they are there when you need them. Our logistics team continues to lead the industry with a goal to make you more successful.  How?

  • Lowest minimums in the industry allow for multiple orders in low quantities that keep your plants fresh and turns high.
  • Dedicated Prides Corner drivers that are focused on making your life easier.
  • More carts and lift gates to make your unloading fast and painless.
  • The ability to deliver to you multiple times per week if needed
  • Our ability to deliver wherever your plants are needed, jobsites included!

Easier, timely deliveries allow you to sell quicker with less labor. Let our industry best logistics help you!

Plant Diversity

Prides Corner loves growing the best selection of high-quality plants in America. Why do we grow thousands of selections and sizes?

  • Our wide selection saves you time by allowing you to get everything you need in one Prides Corner shipment.
  • Our selection makes it easy for you to reach our shipping minimum.
  • Our selection teamed with our depth of product gives you the confidence to buy just what you need allowing you better inventory control.
  • We know you love loads of great plants just like us!

Let our selection and depth help you to be more profitable with less hassle!


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