Michael Hopkins

Liveroof Sales Representative

Phone: (860) 333-7726

LiveRoof Sales for NJ, NY, and CT

After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Sustainable Horticulture and Turfgrass/Soil Science, I searched far and wide for work in the hopes of putting my education to good use. From working within a hydroponic greenhouse to landscape management, I juggled several jobs only to realize that my perfect opportunity wasn’t as far away as I thought it would be: it turned out the company I dreamed of working with to begin my career was less than half an hour away from campus. This company, Prides Corner Farms, not only challenges me to work hard and increase our success, but also inspires me to continue my agricultural education and build my career.

Born and raised in Stamford CT, I began my plant studies in a high school where I was able to study under the West Hill H.S agriscience program. Exposure to this field at a young age inspired my passions for horticulture and agroecology. Growing up I was also a competitive swimmer, which is a role I continued at UConn, where I swam for the university’s varsity team and club team. Being so close to campus, I am still able to keep in contact with my college friends and professors that assist me along the way, go Huskies!

My Favorite Plant:

Ukigumo Japanese Maple, Acer Palmatum Ukigumo. My entire life I've seen Japanese Maples left and right, but it wasn't until I began working with Prides Corner until I realized how many varieties there truly are. And out of all of them, the Ukigumo stands out with its unique variegated foliage and "cloud" like appearance.


University of Connecticut, B.S. Sustainable Horticulture, and Turfgrass/Soil Science