Celine Sicard

Inside Sales Representative

Phone: (860) 468-6051
Fax: (860) 468-6103

Cell Phone: (860) 710-8510

Inside Sales Rep. for Ben Sellew, Serving Eastern MA and the Greater Boston Area

I began my journey with Prides in October 2016, and am incredibly excited to remain a part of the agricultural industry. Agriculture has been a large part of my life since I was young, but not exactly the plant part, however each and every part of agriculture is equally important… I have been raising and showing sheep since I was about 8 years old, I have traveled throughout the country to pursue my greatest passion including Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and quite a few more. I reside in Eastern CT on my farm and enjoy spending time outdoors; mostly you will find me in the barn. My favorite part of working at Prides is working with the customers and building strong relationships.

My Favorite Plant:

I would have to say my favorite plant is by far any type of fragrant purple Lilac; I love the color purple and the fragrance of the flowers. As a kid I was always playing in the Lilac bush located in our yard, one of my favorite parts of being outside was when the lilacs would begin to bloom and the smell of their flowers would fill the air. I loved to pick the flowers and gift them to my mom, grandmother and even teachers, I always thought they were so special, mainly because I liked them.


Three Rivers Community College – continuing a Bachelors in Science and Environmental Health and Safety.