Solidago rugosa Fireworks

Fireworks Goldenrod

  • Lights up the late summer and fall garden
  • Native
  • Attracts birds and butterflies
  • Buds open in early to mid-August
  • Strings of bright yellow flowers cover the plant and bloom well into September
  • Deep green foliage forms a tight mound
  • Easy to grow
  • Great in groups
Spectacular in its ability to light up the late summer and fall garden, this plant has gotten a bad reputation from its relationship to the Goldenrod garden weed, but it deserves a feature spot in the American Beauties garden due to its explosive bloom and its magnetic attraction of birds and butterflies. Deep green foliage forms a tight, clean mound in the garden with multiple stems, each topped with 12-18" long arching, spreading strings of flower buds by late July. Buds open in early to mid-August revealing incredible strings of bright yellow flowers that cover the plant and continue in color well into September. Loads of butterflies, especially Monarchs, make a bee line to this plant when in bloom, while a whole array of colorful birds find the seed from spent flowers an incredibly tasty treat. 'Fireworks' is easy to grow, tolerant of hot sun and dry soils, and provides a searing mass of color when planted in groups.
Heat Tolerant
Heat Tolerant

Characteristics and Attributes