Ribes rubrum Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne Currant

Get ready for great tasting Currants with a twist…different color and different flavor!! 'Pink Champagne' is a cross between White Currant and Red Currant that yields a fruit that is white with a distinct pink blush. To go along with the different color, 'Pink Champagne's' taste will also surprise you with a luscious sweetness that makes it great for fresh eating. While not as tart as Red Currant, 'Pink Champagne' is still a surefire winner when it comes to preserves, jams and jellies just like the rest of this family. Even better, this selection is the perfect home edible garden plant with its dense, full form, its very low maintenance nature, and its extremely high yields for such a compact plant. You'll be picking 'Pink Champagne' by the containerful once this plant gets established!