Prunus Sweetheart

Sweetheart™ Cherry

  • Very vigorous
  • Self-fruitful
  • Perfect for the home orchard
  • Firm skin resists cracking
  • Mature fruit around August 1
  • Bright red skin and flesh
  • Great taste fresh or in preserves

Vigorous to a fault, this new selection of Sweet Cherry is perfect for the home orchard because it is self-fruitful requiring only itself to produce copious amounts of fruit. Added to its self-fruitful nature is its great taste and firm skin that resists cracking, the bane of growing any Cherries! Sweetheart™ lives up to its name and is most memorable because it is the latest of producers in your home orchard with fruit that matures right around the first of August. Its bright red skin and flesh, unlike many Cherries, will turn its final color before its ripe so resist the urge to pick fruit when the color seems just right to you...give it a couple extra weeks on the tree for best taste. And, its taste is fabulous making it one of your favorites for eating fresh or using in preserves. Make sure you cover your tree as its fruit matures to ward off marauding birds trying to steal your sweet fruit!


Characteristics and Attributes