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Prunus Rainier

Rainier Sweet Cherry

  • Vigorous, productive tree
  • Beautiful white blossoms in spring
  • Fruit ready to be picked mid August
  • Does not crack when it ripens
  • Produces a medium to large sized fruit with red skin blushed yellow
  • Firm fruit
  • Distinctive flavor
  • Great fresh, canned, or dried

Get ready for a Cherry with a real difference in look and taste! 'Rainier' is a cross between 'Bing' and 'Van', two sweet-red varieties, creating a very vigorous, productive tree for the backyard orchard. Its branches are one of the first to be loaded with beautiful white blossoms in spring and it bears heavily with fruit ready to be picked in mid August. 'Rainier' is a premium quality Cherry that resists cracking while ripening, producing a medium to large sized fruit with red skin blushed yellow. Its fruit is fine textured and very firm with yellow/white flesh and a distinctive flavor that is unique among Cherries. Enjoy the fruit fresh from the tree, canned or even dried for a tasty sweet snack! Grow 'Rainier' in full sun and well-drained soil although it has the ability to tolerate heavier, wetter soils. 'Rainier' needs another Cherry selection that flowers the same time nearby to form the delightful fruit that has made this tree so famous.

Full Sun
Full Sun

Characteristics and Attributes