PINUS STROBUS #7 - Current Crop. Photo Taken: 11/13/2020


Pinus strobus

Eastern White Pine

  • Native
  • Easy to grow
  • Long soft needles in bundles of five
  • Needles cover the plant quickly, but still allow for a fine texture
  • Widely used for barriers, but great as a specimen also
  • Attracts birds
A signature native plant for the eastern woodland, Eastern White Pine is easy to grow and provides a multitude of landscape uses. Its long, soft needles are held in bundles of 5 and cover the plant thickly yet still give the plant a fine texture. This plant is widely used for barrier plantings, but it makes an outstanding single specimen that loves moist, well-drained soil while providing outstanding nesting area for a laundry list of native birds along with a food source from its production of cones and seed. Keep it from high salt areas and it will grow rapidly to be an appreciated, dominant evergreen in your landscape.

Characteristics and Attributes