Pepper Conchos

Conchos Jalapeno Pepper

  • Large, beefy fruit 2" diameter and 3-4" long
  • Smooth, moderately hot taste
  • Tall and hold fruit well
  • Green fruit turns red as it matures
Try this sensational Jalapeno known not only for its taste but for its great size. Lots of Jalapenos are small but 'Conchos' offers up big, beefy fruit that measures nearly 2 in diameter and 3 to 4 long! Just because the fruit is big, don't think that taste is lacking because this pepper rocks with smooth, moderate heat that will wake you up but won't have you calling the fire department. 'Conchos' plants are taller and hold fruit well for picking when green at 65 days or red at 90 days.

Characteristics and Attributes