Pepper Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb Hot Pepper

  • Small red and green pepper
  • Great for stuffing or pickling
  • 1.5-1.75" fruits
  • High-yielding plant
You'll never struggle for high yields again if you plant 'Cherry Bomb', a selection that produces up to 50% more thick walled, 1.5 to 1.75 inch diameter Cherry Peppers than older varieties. Sturdy, vigorous plants will continually flower and set fruit that matures 75 days after transplant. The fruit themselves may be that thickest walled of any Cherry Pepper, making them the absolute best for stuffing to make poppers or the best for pickling with its ability to absorb brine and produce that hot, pickled taste you crave! Make sure you emphasize the word HOT since 'Cherry Bomb' is certainly one of those Peppers that will have you bragging about your ability to take the heat even if you have to shed a tear or two to endure it!

Characteristics and Attributes