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Pepper Ancho Poblano

Ancho Poblano Hot Pepper

  • Versatile and tasty Chile
  • Mildly hot flavor
  • 4" long borne in great numbers on this sturdy, upright plant
  • Mature from green to red
  • Many different uses
  • Great fresh or dried
Many of our native Mexican staff members have been urging us for years to grow this versatile, tasty Chile that is a staple of their diet. I don't know what took us so long, but it's easy to see why this Pepper is so popular. These mildly hot, tasty, 4 long fruits are borne in great numbers on a sturdy, upright growing plant and mature from green to red in approximately 65 days from trans plant. What makes this fruit so special besides the outstanding flavor is its ability to be used in so many ways ? from stuffing to drying and especially for use in rellenos and mole. Called Poblano when fresh or Ancho when dried, no matter what its name, you'll call it yummy!

Characteristics and Attributes