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Onoclea sensibilis

Sensitive Fern

  • »  2-4' long upright vegetative green fronds
  • »  Leathery look and green color provide brightness
  • »  Easy to grow
  • »  Fertile, more woody fronds add color and texture in late summer through winter

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Commonly called Sensitive Fern because its green vegetative fronds are the first to show damage from frost, this woodland delight offers strongly upright vegetative fronds that are 2-4' long and finely divided to go along with a pleasing leathery look that, in combination with their light green color, will light up a shaded area. This fern also offers contrasting fertile fronds that appear more woody in nature with unique bead-like segments that add contrasting brown color in the late summer and hold that color and structure through the winter well after the vegetative fronds have disappeared for the season. Sensitive Fern is an easy growing winner for a moist, shady area and it naturalizes well in a landscape spot that is hard fill with other selections while offering subtle color and great texture that you'll love.

Foliage Color
Partial Shade
Full Shade
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Onoclea sensibilis

Clump-forming fern. Easy to grow in part to full shade, but shows better color with some sunlight. Prefers a moist, acidic humus-rich soil, but will tolerate poorer conditions. May be divided in the spring.