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Lamium maculatum Pink Chablis

Pink Chablis Dead Nettle

  • »  Trailing stems
  • »  Foliage is silver backed in green
  • »  Pink flowers throughout the spring and summer
  • »  Drought resistant
  • »  Deer resistant
  • »  Thrives in both full sun and full shade

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Find a shady area or window box in a prominent place because you are going to want to find lots of spots for this superb perennial that offers so much while asking so little. 'Pink Chablis', first and foremost, offers outstanding foliage and form with trailing stems holding shimmering foliage of silver backed with green tightly against them to produce a luminescent mat that tops itself throughout the spring and summer with small, loose spikes of cotton candy pink colored flowers. What a show 'Pink Chablis' provides as a groundcover or as a trailing container plant with so little care needed. 'Pink Chablis' will perform beautifully in full sun or full shade, is drought resistant, deer resistant and incredibly colorful. Plant lots of these in your landscape then pat yourself on the back for making such a sweet, colorful choice!

Foliage Color
Maintenance and Care
Drought Tolerant
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
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