HYDRANGEA M `ENDLESS SUMMER` #3 - Current Crop. Photo Taken: 7/10/2020


Hydrangea mac. Endless Summer® The Original ('Bailmer')

Endless Summer® The Original Hydrangea: PP15298

Series: Endless Summer® Collection

  • pH dependent color
  • Blooms on both new and old wood
  • Blooms from early July to late Summer
  • Deep green foliage
  • 4 to 6" diameter flowers

Here's a plant to shout about from the highest mountaintop! Endless Summer® 'The Original' will revolutionize the macrophylla Hydrangea market because, unlike all the others, it blooms reliably on new wood. That means glorious, beefy blue, pom-pom flowers every early July and lasting late into the summer even if last year's branches are winter damaged right to the ground. Now people in some of the coldest spots in the northeast can grow this summer charmer instead of just dreaming about it. Deep green foliage serves as a perfect backdrop to 4 to 6" diameter flowers that get even bluer in more acid soils. A great plant that will sell in endless numbers!! 

Characteristics and Attributes