HAKONECHLOA MACRA `ALL GOLD` #1 - Current Crop. Photo Taken: 9/18/2020


Hakonechloa macra All Gold

All Gold Hakone Grass

  • Electric yellow foliage
  • Thrives in partial shade
  • Compact mounding form
Electric. There's no other word to describe this plant's effect on the landscape than electric. Wide foliage blades are more upright and spiky than other Hakonechloa and form a tighter, slightly smaller mound in the garden. You won't notice the form difference, however since you will be dazzled by this plant's glimmering, glowing gold colored foliage without a speck of green. Plant it in partial shade for best results and plant it in groups for a galvanizing landscape effect that is impossible to achieve with any other plant!
Partial Shade
Partial Shade

Characteristics and Attributes