Gaura lindheimeri Passionate Blush™ ('SME-2')

Passionate Blush™ Wandflower: PP17,293

  • Bright red buds open to pale pink flowers
  • Great for the middle of a mixed garden bed
  • Extremely dense, non-flopping form
  • Long blooming period
In marked contrast to many other Gaura, 'Passionate Blush' exhibits an extremely dense, upright, non-flopping habit that will make it a much better fit in most gardens and containers. Reaching a height of 18", it is the perfect size for filling in space in the front or middle of any garden and it will bloom with a ferocity that might startle you! In fact, it's a blooming machine with masses of blush pink flowers from May until frost and, with its upright form, it is easy to continually cut stems to use a filler for your other cut flowers that you regularly bring inside. You'll even love the fact that its bright red, unopened buds provide a distinct color contrast to its pink bloom. 'Passionate Blush' loves full sun and wants well drained soil, especially over the winter, to ensure its best garden performance. Try it in a container on your patio with other blooming annuals and perennials and be ready to be awed by its blooming power!