FOTHERGILLA MAJOR `BLUE SHADOW` #2 - Current Crop. Photo Taken: 9/17/2020


Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow'

Blue Shadow Fothergilla

'Blue Shadow' is an improved selection of 'Mt. Airy' Fothergilla with stunning blue foliage that is striking in its difference from its green leaved relative. It's a strong performer that possesses all the wonderful traits of Fothergilla, including a robust supply of fragrant, bottle brush white flowers in spring and a dense rounded form that is suited to a wide array of landscape uses. As with all Fothergilla, flowers emerge before any leaves but the blue foliage follows immediately after bloom and shines with cool distinctness all summer. 'Blue Shadow' even has the same stunning fall foliage color as 'Mt. Airy' that ranges from red to orange to yellow. What a great, year round beauty for the landscape!