Forsythia Show Off® ('Mindor')

Show Off® Forsythia: PP19321

  • Bright yellow early spring flowers
  • Improved flower display
  • Compact
  • Deer resistant
  • Good for cut displays
  • Heat Tolerant
It seems like almost all Forsythia is showy but 'Show Off'® stretches the bounds of showiness with a display of bloom that is an incredible blast of golden yellow color in April and early May on a plant that is denser, rounder and more controlled than 'Lynwood Gold' could ever think of being! With deep, dark green foliage it takes on a neater, more refined look in the summer months and, like most Forsythia, it's perfect for grouping to make a border planting, but it will do so in a much more confined area without growing you out of house and home!