Eggplant Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Eggplant

  • Edible vegitables
  • Loves the sun
Even if you weren't a big Eggplant fan, you'd fall in love with this plant just for its form and colorful flowering nature. This tight, sturdy selection is perfect for the garden but even better for a container on a deck or patio because then you could watch in awe as it sends out a continual stream of showy, purple-lavender blooms. The flowers aren't the only striking color you'll see...just wait a mere 50 days from transplant and you'll see copius amounts of 4' long, narrow eggplants in surreal neon lavender shades streaked with bright white!! WOW is the word and tasty is what you'll discover when you prepare them in a wide array of dishes. No wonder this is a 2005 All American Selection!
Full Sun
Full Sun

Characteristics and Attributes