DRYOPTERIS AUSTRALIS / DIXIE WOOD #1 - Current Crop. Photo Taken: 9/18/2020


Dryopteris x australis - Dixie Wood

Dixie Wood Fern

Looking for some height in your shaded woodland garden? Dixie Wood Fern is a very rare native, a naturally occurring hybrid between two Dryopteris varieties that results in a brawny, beautiful Fern that features large, dark green, semi-evergreen fronds with a strong upright habit that will add height, structure and texture to your woodland garden. Although Dixie Wood Fern is very tolerant of dry conditions, a shaded spot with plenty of moisture through the hot summer months will really keep its fronds looking their best. And about that southern sounding name...even though it implies that this Fern might not be tough enough for the northern garden, Dixie Wood Fern will thrive in the northern garden with its great hardiness and garden altering stature that few other Ferns can match.