ARONIA ARBUTIFOLIA `BRILLIANTISSIMA` #3 - Current Crop. Photo Taken: 7/30/2020


Aronia arb. Brilliantissima

Brilliantissima Red Chokeberry

  • Native
  • Narrow, upright-growing shrub
  • Great for grouping
  • Foliage emerges shiny and dark green
  • Small white flowers mid to late May
  • Nectar attracts bees
  • Brilliant red fall fruit attracts birds
  • Bright red autumn foliage
  • Easy to grow
An underused native stunner, this narrow, upright growing shrub is ideal for grouping in sandy or moist soils and will perform like a champ with landscape interest throughout the season. Foliage emerges dark green and shiny and provides a great backdrop for profuse flattened heads of small white flowers in mid to late May that are filled with nectar for native bees. From these flowers, berries occur, filling the plant with brilliant red fruit in the fall that many of our most prized bird species consider a delicacy. The brilliant berries match breathtaking, bright red foliage as the weather cools. 'Brilliantissima' is easy to grow and a must for providing bird shelter in any American Beauties landscape.

Characteristics and Attributes