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Rubus Prime-Ark® Freedom ('APF-153T')

Prime-Ark® Freedom Thornless Blackberry: Patent PP26,990

  • »  Fruits on 1st years growth
  • »  The first thornless Primocane!
  • »  Self fruiting!
  • »  Large tasty fruit
  • »  Some sources say hardy up to zone 4

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  • Category:Shrub
  • Hardiness Zone:6-9
  • Height:4-6 ft
  • Spread:3-4 ft
  • Bloom Color: Purple Shades

Most blackberries only bear fruit on second-season canes a new variety,Prime-Ark® Freedom, developed by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, is the world’s first thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry, meaning it fruits on both 1st year and second year canes. This mean you can potentially have two harvests in one season. And what a harvest it will be with large tasty fruit that are perfect for the home garden or to share at the local farmers market. No need to wear gloves when picking these tasty berries they are THORNLESS!! Perfect for little helpers to pick their own berries! Plant propagation prohibited.

Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Songbirds
Full Sun
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Rubus 'Prime-Ark® Freedom'

Fall-bearing or primocane blackberries respond favorably to tipping! As the primocanes reach 12-15" in height, break or cut 3/4-1" off the tip of each cane to force the plant into branching. The second tipping should be performed as the branches reach 30", again breaking or cutting 3/4-1" off all the tips. The tips are tender and may be pinched between your thumbnail and a finger or use pruning shears. This process stimulates earlier fruit development, keeps plant height in check for easier management and fruit harvest and also increase yield. - Norse Farms