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Monarda Blue Stocking ('Blaustrumpf')

Blue Stocking Bee Balm

  • »  Native
  • »  Strongly upright and spreading
  • »  Rigid, square stems
  • »  Large, pointed leaves are extremely fragrant and look and feel velvet-like
  • »  Buds open early July to reveal tubular, two-lipped violet blooms
  • »  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
  • »  Perfect plant for grouping
  • »  More mildew tolerant than many Bee Balms

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If native insects could personally thank you, they would be lining up at your door after you planted 'Blue Stocking' in your garden. There is just no better summer nectar provider than this spectacularly colored Bee Balm. This selection forms a strongly upright yet spreading potrait in the landscape with rigid square stems lined with large, pointed, very fragrant leaves that look and feel almost like velvet to the touch. Each stem is topped with globes of buds that open in early July to reveal tubular, two lipped blooms of shocking violet-blue that keep on blooming right on through August. The flowers really make an impression especially with your butterfly and hummingbird friends who will line up to gorge themselves on sweet nectar. 'Blue Stocking' is a perfect plant for grouping in the back of any garden in sun or partial shade, is more mildew tolerant than many Bee Balms and is very tolerant of moist to wet soil areas.