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Hemerocallis Stella d'Oro

Stella d'Oro Daylily

  • »  Lightly fragrant flower
  • »  Bright yellow, star-shaped flowers bloom May through July
  • »  Attractive, clumping foliage
  • »  Adaptable

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It's not often you find a plant that revolutionizes gardening but 'Stella D'Oro' is one of those seminal plants that has changed how people look at Daylilies. Its lightly fragrant, bright yellow, star-shaped flowers that constantly cover this daylily from May until July and its short dense, carefree stature have all contributed to this selection being the most widely known, widely used Daylily in history. Incredibly adaptable to poor soil and viscious landscape spots that would make other plants fade away, 'Stella D'Oro' performs like a champ with attractive foliage forming a tight clump that serves as a perfect backdrop for a seemingly ceaseless stream of flowers stalks that rise above the plant. Group this plant is any sunny or shady location with great results. It even performs splendidly in a container!