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Cotinus coggygria Winecraft Gold®

Winecraft Gold® Smokebush: Patent PP30,327,

  • »  Bright golden foliage
  • »  Memorable smoke-like seedheads in summer
  • »  Smaller and more dense than conventional smokebush
  • »  Deer resistant

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A beaming beacon for the landscape. Bold, bright, and beautiful: that's Winecraft Gold™ smokebush. Round, waxy leaves emerge a sunny orange, soon take on a golden hue, then mature to a cheerful chartreuse for the season. In early summer, cloud-like green flower clusters cover the plant, and these turn into the pink "smoke" plumes that earn the plant its name. Naturally grows with a dense, oval shape that's ideal for adding a spot of bright color to partially shaded or sunny areas. 

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Border or Bed
Focal Point
Summer Bloomer
Foliage Color
Maintenance and Care
Mass Planting
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Flower Color
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Season of Interest (Flowering)
Early Summer
Summer Bloomer
Season of Interest (Foliage)
Full Sun
Partial Sun
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Cotinus coggygria Winecraft Gold®

It's best to avoid pruning smokebush regularly, though you may selectively remove branches to attain the shape you desire. It's quite versatile and easy to grow, but do note that this golden selection is a bit less cold tolerant than other smokebush.