Ornamental Grass

Sporobolus wrightii Windbreaker

Windbreaker Big Sacaton

This statuesque for of Prairie Dropseed is a landscape revelation with big, almost Pampas Grass-like form that lends it to use as a wall or windbreak. its commanding presence boasts upright form, bold, strap-like foliage and showy flower spikes in summer and fall.

  • Flower plums are great for fall flower arrangements
  • Attracts birds
  • Provides shelter for beneficial wildlife
  • Great as a wind barrier or natural fencing
  • Attracts bees
  • Great native substitution for Pampas grass
  • Sturdy, upright habit
  • Medium green, strap-like foliage
  • Very showy flower spikes that appear in summer

Formerly called 'Mesa Form', this statuesque prairie dropseed comes to us from the breeding efforts at the Los Lunas Plant Materials Center in NM. Originally bred to be a wind barrier, this form has a commanding presence with its sturdy, upright habit, medium green, strap-like foliage and very showy flower spikes that appear in summer. A herbaceous alternative to expensive fencing, 'Windbreaker' is also a terrific native substitute for pampas grass.

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