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Spigelia marilandica

Indian Pink

  • »  Underused plant, provides a stunning burst of color for shade gardens
  • »  Outstanding source of nectar for hummingbirds
  • »  Easy to grow plant with a wide tolerance for conditions
  • »  Beautiful choice for dry shade

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It's hard to believe that a plant with such outstanding bloom and such tolerance of partial to full shade is so unknown, but that is just the dilemma faced by this American Beauties selection. Big, deep green foliage emerges in the spring and forms a tight, upright mound that tops off with stem-ending buds in late May. Spectacular, 2" long, tubular flowers open in June showing a yellow interior that flares to a star at the end while the exterior is deep red, providing a unique, two-toned look that will light up your shade garden. Spigelia likes well-drained soil but is just at home in moist, organic soils and will provide a flower show each year that will be enhanced by colorful hummingbirds seeking nectar.

Attracts Wildlife
Supports Bees
Flower Color
Partial Sun
Partial Shade
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Spigelia marilandica

Grow in part sun to full shade. Grows in a variety of soils, from moist to dry, shade to partial sun. A very hardy plant, though it is best planted by the end of July for reliable success in gardens and containers. Prefers not to be transplanted once established.