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Rubus idaeus Himbo Top

Himbo Top™ Raspberry

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  • Category:Edibles
  • Hardiness Zone:4-8
  • Height:5-7 Feet
  • Spread:5-7 Feet
  • Bloom Color: Red Shades

What a name! No matter what the name, Himbo Top™ seems destined to become your edible garden favorite for loads of reasons. First, it's an improved everbearing variety meaning that it bears up to 2 weeks earlier than old school everbearers like 'Heritage' making far better for higher yields in cooler northern areas where early frost can wreak havoc with a fall berry harvest. Second, the berries look like they on steroids with huge size and bright red color along with strong skin which make them far more resistant to bruising when picking. Third, the flavor is outstanding making it great for using fresh or in jams, jellies or preserves. Fourth, it is a heavy yielding plant producing a big harvest that will give you your fill of berries and more! Finally, since Himbo Top™ fruits heavily on new wood, you can prune the plant vigorously each year and avoid some of the plant diseases that can overwinter on lesser selections. Overall, despite the crazy name, Himbo Top™ has the goods to be your favorite Red Raspberry!