Pepper Black Pearl

Black Pearl Hot Pepper

  • Black fruit reddens as it matures
  • Jet black foliage
  • Dense, compact form
  • Looks great in flower beds or containers
When someone tells you this All American winning Pepper is hot you may want further clarification. Its jet black fruit that turns dark red as it matures is definitely hot… extremely hot along with being profuse and extremely decorative. Rest assured that 'Black Pearl's' hotness does not stop at fruit. Its jet black foliage and dense, compact, full form are the hottest thing to hit Peppers in decades producing a striking looking garden plant that can be used in any decorative situation you can think of from flower beds to colorful container gardens. 'Black Pearl' is one of those great plants that comes along only rarely. Experience its visual hotness and its palatable hotness if you dare!

Characteristics and Attributes