Hamamelis X int. Arnold Promise - Standard

Arnolds Promise Witch Hazel

  • Buttery yellow flowers
  • Blooms early to mid-March
  • Large plant that thrives with space for growth
  • Thrives in almost any sunny location with good drainage
Introduced by the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, this is simply the most floriferous of the early spring blooming Witch Hazel's and one of the most rewarding to grow. This dense, strong growing shrub buds up with abandon and lets loose a storm of buttery yellow flowers in early to mid-March that covers its bare branches giving you the confirmation that spring has finally arrived! 'Arnold's Promise' is one of the latest blooming Witch Hazel's available making its flowers the ones with the most spring impact. 'Arnold's Promise' is easy to grow and will thrive in almost any sunny location with good drainage. Like all Hamamelis, it gets to be large so give it the space to grow and thrill you with its bloom!

Characteristics and Attributes