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Fagus syl. Tricolor

Tricolor European Beech

  • »  Tri-colored foliage in green, white and pink
  • »  Dense pyramid form
  • »  Stately shade tree

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While not as domineering and large as its other Beech relatives, 'Tricolor' makes up its size deficiency with a foliage show that is unparalled even in this genus that boasts great looking leaves. Its dense, pyramidal form with upright sweeping branches lined with long, narrow buds sets itself on fire when foliage emerges in spring purple with hot pink margins. It's a WOW show that changes as the leaves mature to a dark bronze green with light pink margins that finally fade to white in summer's heat. Fall sees a return show of brilliant color as leaves turn bright yellow-gold as the weather cools. 'Tricolor' is a perfectly colorful specimen that loves a little shade protection from the hottest part of the summer day to prevent leaf scorch.