Exochorda Snow Day® Surprise ('Niagara')

Snow Day® Surprise Pearl Bush: PP21665

  • Large white flowers in spring!
  • Best for beds and borders
  • Spectacular spring flower show
  • Easy to grow
  • Great for mixed borders

Snow days are a treat that kids always look forward to but adults dread. Now you can enjoy your own snow day courtesy of Snow Day® Surprise, an easy care, blooming machine that will fill you garden with drifts of white bloom. A stronger grower and more compact than any other Pearl Bush currently being sold, Snow Day® Surprise forms fat, white, pearl sized buds in late April and keeps them for 3-4 weeks without opening, similar to Deutzia buds but far more sizable. The "pearls" finally open in late May open creating a blizzard of pure white dime-sized flowers that last for 2-3 weeks. Snow Day® Surprise offers long interest with its long lasting bud and bloom and, its compact form the rest of the year, makes it a neat choice for any sunny or partially shaded foundation, flower bed or even container planting!