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Eggplant Patio Baby

Patio Baby Eggplant

  • »  Wonderful mild taste!
  • »  Perfect for container growing on a deck
  • »  Heavy Producer!
  • »  Thornless calyx for pain free harvest!
  • »  Superb broiled or raw
  • »  Compact, dense habit

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This 2014 All American selection features a dense, compact plant that produces early and often with baby sized fruit that are prized for their mild taste and tender texture. Easy to grow and easy to harvest with thorn free calyx! The best Eggplant available for harvesting small (2-3")...the perfect size for tenderness and mild taste that shines roasted or raw in dips and salads. The English gave the fruit the name of "Eggplant" referring to one variety's shape which was similar to that of an egg. To much of Europe the Eggplant is referred to as an "Aubergine" while in Italy it is called Melanzana.