Clematis Cherokee™ ('Evipo041')

Cherokee™ Clematis (OOH LA LA ™ Clematis)

Series: Raymond EvisonĀ® Clematis

  • Free Flowering
  • Blooms spring to late summer
  • Compact form
  • Pink striped flowers
  • Partially shady locations
  • Syn. Ooh La La Clematis
  • BoulevardĀ® Collection
  • Great for small spaces, containers, or around mailboxes

Cherokee™  boasts a rare combination of  extremely free flowering habit and a two-toned flower made up of a dusky pink petal and a deep pink bar.  Cherokee™ is synomnous with Ooh La La™  and once you see the mass of 3" flowers it can produce you will understand why - it took the Chelsea Flower Show by storm in 2009 where it was featured by Clematis breeder, Raymond Evison's exhibit. Cherokee™ is part of the Boulevard® collection, perfect scale for smaller gardens or patio containers. Maxing out at 4' it is perfect to wrap around a mailbox or interplanted with a shrub rose! Class 2 or 3.

Partial Shade
Partial Shade

Characteristics and Attributes