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Cercis canadensis Hearts Of Gold

Hearts of Gold Redbud

  • »  Round and open-branched
  • »  Deep brown bark
  • »  Striking reddish-purple bloom late April
  • »  Foliage changes from chartreuse to gold
  • »  Excellent specimen

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  • Category:Tree
  • Hardiness Zone:6-8
  • Height:20-25 Feet
  • Spread:20-25 Feet
  • Bloom Color: Pink Shades

Get ready for a big WOW when you view this plant for the first time because it has all the ingredients of jaw dropping landscape winner. Round and open branched with deep brown bark, 'Hearts of Gold' will flower with its striking reddish-purple bloom in late April before the foliage emerges just like a regular Eastern Redbud. It's a striking show, but it may take a backseat to the show that follows: new foliage that emerges chartreuse in color and matures to big, bright gold foliage that keeps its color throughout the growing season. It is so colorful that it may seem overpowering, but it will certainly be noticeable and prized as a specimen tree that keeps on giving! Plant 'Hearts of Gold' in full sun to keep its foliage color bright, but in a winter wind protected spot for it to be its happiest.

Great Foliage
Foliage Color
Flower Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Full Sun
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Cercis canadensis 'Hearts Of Gold'

Likes full sun and protection from winter winds.