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Canna Tropicanna

Tropicanna® Canna

  • »  Iconic summer plant
  • »  Huge multihued variegated foliage
  • »  Brilliant orange blooms June-September
  • »  Great cut foliage
  • »  Blends with the garden and stands out
  • »  Looks great anywhere!

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Tropicanna® has become one of the most iconic summer plants in the garden….even the northern garden when it's not hardy. Why would a tropical become such a mainstay? For the simple reason that there is nothing else like it in the world! It's strongly verticle profile leaps out of the garden with huge multihued variegated foliage that changes from burgundy to red to pink with splashes of yellow, gold and deep green across its long oval form. Even the foliage is great to cut for vase arrangements and we haven't even talked about its bloom! And bloom it does with brilliant orange flowers on stout stems above the foliage from June through September. The color combination sounds loud but it has an amazingly unique power to blend with the garden while standing out individually and making the rest of the garden look even better! Plant Tropicanna® in any half to full sun area...it looks great everywhere including near water features and in containers.

Foliage Color
Flower Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Summer Bloomer
Late Summer
Season of Interest (Foliage)
Full Sun
Partial Sun
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Canna 'Tropicanna'

Thrives in any half to full sun area.