Bellis Rominette Pink

Rominette Pink English Daisy

  • Very dependable
  • Early spring color
  • Compact
  • Medium green, fleshy foliage
  • Soft, pastel-pink blooms
  • Great in the garden or in containers
Ease into spring with this ultra dependable variety that offers soft, pastel color early and often as spring begins. Compact to a fault with medium green, fleshy, strap-like, semi-evergreen foliage that forms a tight, dense basal bun of green, 'Rominette Pink' starts throwing up short flower stems by the dozens in late March or early April that produce 1" diameter pastel, soft pink flowers featuring short, almost quill-like petals in great numbers surrounding a golden center that fully colors once the flowers are completely open. Each plant is a flowering machine until the weather warms in late spring making 'Rominette Pink' outstanding for use in the garden to produce wide swaths of color when grouped in full sun or in containers to mix with other plants to make an early season statement to open your gardening year.
Full Sun
Full Sun

Characteristics and Attributes