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Aquilegia Swan Pink and Yellow

Swan Pink and Yellow Columbine

  • »  Unique and spectacular color
  • »  Uniform plants
  • »  Early and profuse bloom
  • »  Dense, beefy form
  • »  Tough and easy to grow
  • »  Lemon yellow and coral pink blooms

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Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor with a new series of Columbine and a unique color that will draw approving nods from your customers. The Swan series of Aquilegia are the best and brightest, a new series bred for earlier and profuse flowering on very uniform plants. There are a stunning group of color combinations, but none more stunning than that of 'Swan Pink & Yellow', combining these two shades in a way that has not been seen in a Columbine before. These dense, beefy plants will bud in early April with flowers appearing later in the month that feature a light lemon yellow flower corolla set off by a coral pink horned back. You'll be amazed by the color and the sheer numbers of flowers that these tough, easy to grow plants will bring to your garden. They'll thrive in full sun or partial shade and your customers will be fighting to buy groups of them!