Amelanchier canadensis Rainbow Pillar

Rainbow Pillar Shadblow Serviceberry: PP#9,092

A fantastic compact form of Shadblow, this plant is so versatile and can be a star in a myriad of landscape locations. Its narrow, upright, dense, but not overpowering form will make it equally at home as an attractive multi-stemmed specimen plant or grouped together to form an incredible, innovative hedge that will be a magnet for wildlife. 'Rainbow PillarĀ®' shows off clouds of small white flowers before its foliage emerges in late April and deep green, mildew resistant foliage throughout the summer. The foliage backs up dark purple berries that form in late summer, much to the delight of your local feathered friends, while fall finds this foliage turning first yellow, then orange, then finally bright red before dropping after a breathtaking show. 'Rainbow PillarĀ®' loves full sun and tolerated most any soil in full sun or partial shade.

Characteristics and Attributes