Alyssum montanum Mountain Gold

Alyssum Mountain Gold, Basket of Gold

  • »  Low-growing perennial
  • »  Silver-grey foliage
  • »  Bright yellow-gold flowers obscure foliage
  • »  Foliage makes an attractive and drought-tolerant groundcover
  • »  Easy to grow and great in groups

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This low growing perennial will make you think you are off to see the wizard! Just follow its golden flowered carpet that will creep and crawl among the rocks or stepping stones of your garden. Starting in mid to late spring, its silvery grey foliage will be covered with countless bright yellow flowers with enough gold color to completely hide the foliage! As summer approaches and bloom ceases, remove spent flowerss and enjoy the trailing mound of foliage that makes a very attractive, extremely drought tolerant groundcover throughout the summer once established. Easy to grow in a hot sunny area, it is the perfect low water needs plant that thrives on slopes, in rock gardens or spilling over the edge of a rock wall or container. Plant 'Mountain Gold' in groups and avoid wet feet in the winter so this plant lives to pave your garden with gold next season!

Rock Garden
Foliage Color
Maintenance and Care
Drought Tolerant
Flower Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Spring
Early Summer
Ground Cover