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Allium tuberosum

Garlic Chives

  • »  Useful and easy to grow
  • »  Attractive plant
  • »  Long, tubular grey-green foliage
  • »  Fragrant and clump-forming
  • »  Scent of garlic and onions when crushed
  • »  Aggressive grower
  • »  Small, fragrant creamy-white flowers August through September
  • »  Great in a container

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Incredibly useful, incredibly easy to grow and good looking besides, Garlic Chives will be a welcome addition to any garden, herbal or otherwise! Long, tubular, grass-like, gray-green foliage makes a fragrant clump in the garden and features the strong scent of garlic and onions when crushed. Garlic Chives are ready for use immediately and constantly throughout the season… the plant grows aggressively so you'll never be short of it for flavoring a wide range of meals throughout the season. Numerous flower stalks arise from each grassy clump in summer producing globes of small, fragrant, creamy white flowers in August and September. Garlic Chives love full sun and will spread in the garden, so be sure you look to contain them to an area or grow them in a container for best results.