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Acer palmatum 'Higasayama'

Higasayama Japanese Maple

  • »  Aggressive growing
  • »  Upright
  • »  Unique foliage
  • »  Each leaf is green with pink and white tones
  • »  Great fall color
  • »  Brilliant, showy specimen

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  • Category:Tree
  • Hardiness Zone:5-8
  • Height:18-20 Feet
  • Spread:10-15 Feet
  • Bloom Color: Green Shades

If you thought you had seen everything that the Japanese Maple world had to offer, guess again! Aggressive growing and upright, 'Higasayama' will show you a thing or two about color that you just did not think was possible with this group of plants.  It all starts when its foliage emerges in the early spring.  Its leaves emerge in a wide array of shapes and sizes but its their coloration that will have you rubbing your eyes.  Each leaf is green along the leaf veins with a border of white around the green followed by a band of hot pink that extends right to the edge of the leaf.  It is a brilliant, showy bit of color gymnastics that, while short lived as leaves mature to green with a thin white edge, is riveting.  If that wasn't enough, its fall color is just as smashing as leaves morph from variegated to brilliant red almost overnight before they drop.  Plant 'Higasayama' in a half day of full sun for a specimen that will never fail to get your attention!