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Pride's History

Prides Corner had a very inauspicious start in 1979 with 50 acres, a handful of greenhouses and little else besides the dream of producing shrubs for local garden centers. Started by Peter Sellew, father of current owner  Mark Sellew, Prides dreamed big even though resources were scarce and the actual knowledge of producing and selling plants even scarcer.

Throughout the 1980’s, Prides Corner gathered the staff and know how that would serve them so well in the future. Fresh from his graduation at Cornell, Mark Sellew started at Prides Corner in 1980 to work with his father and to realize his dream of becoming a major grower in the northeast.  It took almost 10 years and untold sacrifice to reach the million dollar mark in sales but throughout this decade of struggle, Mark and Peter’s vision of the grower that Prides Corner would become sharpened and became closer to reality.

Both envisioned a grower that didn’t just sell plants to independent garden centers, wholesale yards and landscapers but a grower that became a business partner by finding solutions to the problems they faced. As Mark assumed complete ownership of the company as the 1980’s closed, it was only a matter of time before a new type of grower was honed in Prides Corner, a grower that listened to what their customers craved and found innovative ways to find solutions for them. Throughout the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, Prides Corner became the industry leader in developing an incredibly diverse selection of plants to sell, innovative marketing and branding for the plants they grew and state of the art logistics that delivered their products to customers with the quickest turnaround in the industry.

Today, Mark and Prides Corner refuse to rest on nearly 35 years of innovation and success. The goal remains the same: to be the best partner for their customers by providing the newest plants and the most diverse selection sold in the most innovative packages and delivering these plants to customers exactly when they want them, ready to sell or plant right off the truck.  One call to Prides Corner gets it all!