Branded Programs

All our programs are designed to give you the opportunity to make well-informed decisions regarding plant material. The programs ensure that you make the right choice for your garden. Building customer confidence and establishing successful gardens are the ultimate goals of these programs. Choose your program...


Why We Brand

At Prides Corner, a diverse selection of high-quality plants is just the start of what we offer.  We offer the most innovative selection of branded programs in the industry, developed solely with the idea of increasing sales in your garden center. The brands we offer will make a difference in your bottom line and captivate your customers while reinforcing your own brand strategy.

  • Enhance and sharpen your brand!
  • Branded plants have added value with the newest genetics
  • Branded plants have a built-in brand story that makes them appealing to consumers
  • Added value equals added margin and added turns!
  • Branded plants provide you with power and profit without the huge investment

Branding plants and making them stand out in the consumer's mind is a vitally important step in allowing them to buy easier and quicker and for you to sell more at a higher profit! Take a look at our incredibly diverse selection of branded programs…there is something for every garden center and consumer!