Tessiers Changes of Thyme

The Tessiers love people and have many loyal customers who have become friends. The greenhouse, with it's sitting area, has been refuge to many people who want to sit in a garden atmosphere in repose. One woman recovering from cancer became a volunteer in the greenhouse. Another person came every week just to sit on "the therapist's couch" Jerrie recounts. Jerrie and Norman host an annual Open House during the Holiday Season, with each invitation handwritten. "I envision many different events here that I'm working on", Jerrie said with a twinkle in her eye. My ideas are based on bringing people together, in this peaceful place, surrounded by unique artwork and creativity. The fun in life is in the journey, for me as well as for my customers."

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40 West Street
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Phone: 860-646-3331
Email: ntess40@gmail.com
Web: http://https://www.tessierschangesofthyme.com/