Gabrielsen's Country Farm

Gabrielsen's is a family owned and operated farm and flower stand located in Jamesport, NY. Gabrielsen's Country Plant Farm was started by George Gabrielsen and his brother Tom in 1969 when they were just teenagers. George has continued to grow and build up the flower farm by continually providing "top quality plants at humble prices". Through hard work and dedication to providing quality, Gabrielsen's has earned a reputation that cannot be surpassed. George, his wife, and his daughters all work together to provide an outstanding experience to all our customers. George's wife Janice custom makes all of Gabrielsen's famous planters. Daughters Kristina and Stephanie grew up at the families plant stand and continue their parents legacy of providing top quality plants to our customers.

Contact Gabrielsen's Country Farm

P.O. Box 581
200 Herricks Lane
Jamesport, NY 11952
Phone: (631)-722-3259