Miranda Basley

Inside Sales Rep.

Phone: (860) 468-6022

Cell Phone: (860) 213-0542

Fax: (860) 468-6107

Inside Sales Rep for Debbie Alm, serving customers on Long Island, NY

Inside Sales Rep for Stephanie Butterick, serving customers in Northern NJ, Westchester/Rockland and NYC NY

My husband and I live in Columbia CT. We welcomed a baby girl into our family in January, and love watching her grow and interact with the world around her. I am a bit of a foodie, and when I get the opportunity, I love trying food from different countries and cultures.  I am also an avid gardener and I love that working here at Prides has helped me to expand my knowledge of plants. The one downside is now I’m going to need a bigger yard to fit all of these beautiful plants that I want to grow! 

My Favorite Plant:

There are so many to choose from, but if I have to narrow it down to one, my favorite plant is Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). It has a romantic, cottage garden feel to me, and I love watching the bees buzz around them when they are in full bloom.


BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design