James Harlow

Wholesale Yard Manager - Lebanon Location

Phone: (860) 468-6066

Cell Phone: (860) 234-7182

The most satisfying part of my job is when a customer sends me a picture of a finished landscape including the plants that I supplied to them. I am lucky to work with so many landscape contractors that have fantastic talent. The before and after photos always blow me away. These folks are true artists transforming a difficult site into an extension of the home. I admire the vision to incorporate the pavers, benches, lighting, plants and other unique features to create outdoor art.

To my customers, keep pushing the limits on your creativity and I will keep sending you great plants to use in your art. Don’t forget to send me some pictures, it always puts a smile on my face!

My Favorite Plant:

I'm not a Plant Geek but I know a good plant when I see one. The plants I like is something that is good quality at a good value. That is exactly what my customers are looking for so if they like it, I like it!


ECSU – 1988, CANP- 1997